Proud mom crashes TV reporter son’s live segment

Our parents – mom, dad, or both – are our number one fans.

They show up in the small and simple events of our lives. Believe me when I say they will still be there for the big ones – when you finally make it! Whatever you’ve been dreaming of, I bet your mom or dad will have your back until the end.

This heartwarming video of a mom surprising his son at work went viral for all the right reasons.

ABC6 Ohio reporter Myles Harris was trying to film his news report when he got the shock of a lifetime. Myles was standing by the street along with his cameraman DeAngelo Byrd who filmed the video when he spotted a familiar car coming at him.

It was his mother, Sandi, and he was giving that what-are-you-doing-here look!

When he spotted her, he told DeAngelo, “This is my mom; hold on.” Some cameramen might call “cut,” but he knew this would be something Myles would want to see right after. He kept filming and captured this endearing moment.

Sandi passed by Myles and shouted a delightful “Hi, baby!”

Such a proud mom moment! You could see the disbelief on his face seeing his mom right where he was working. He said, “I’m trying to work right now, and you’re over there calling my phone. This is DeAngelo. You can say ‘hi,’” which she did in jest. He finally told his mom to better go because she was holding up traffic.

She did so, but not without a flying kiss to her son.

Myles looked at DeAngelo and asked if he had filmed that scene, and I guess everyone is thankful that he did. According to Myles, they viewed the recording in the studio, and his coworkers were the ones who told him to upload it on social media.

The moment Myles did, everything just blew up.

Various news entities featured this viral video because it was an adorable moment between a proud mother and her successful son. He was even invited to The Drew Barrymore Show, which airs on an affiliated network ABC.

In that interview, we learned how Sandi worked hard to ensure her kids got a great future.

Myles said she worked three jobs to send them to great schools and even fund his sport which is tennis. One notable moment in that TV guesting was when Myles thought his mom couldn’t make it when she suddenly shouted her now-famous “Hi, baby!” greeting behind him.

Oh, you can see their sweet bond with those hugs!

After knowing their story, Drew had one little surprise for both of them. Sandi hadn’t had any vacation in five years, and one of her favorite places was Los Cabos, Mexico. And while she’s already been there, she always wanted to take her son with her.

Drew announced that the two were going to Mexico together!

A surprise that the two surely deserve so much. Aside from their airfare and hotel, they were also given $1,000 pocket money for their trip. We bet the two enjoyed that one!

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