Polar bear purrs when her human father is nearby because she is so connected to him.

Humans and domesticated animals like cats and dogs can and do interact with one another.

It is not a unique connection between a man and a polar bear.

After all, adult male polar bears weigh 1,500 pounds, compared to a female’s 1,000-pound weight. These are not the kinds of creatures that you would typically keep in your backyard.

These facts help explain why Agee the polar bear and Mark Dumas have a special and uncommonly deep bond that is rarely observed between wild animals and people.
They’ve been together for 18 years.

Dumas was charged with finding a polar bear for a movie. Dumas is an animal trainer for movies.
He learned that a zoo was hand-raising an eight-week-old polar bear. The mother of the cub was an elder bear who had previously given birth to 10 cubs and was unable to adequately care for this kid.

Agee was successfully groomed for the movie by Dumas after taking over Agee’s care. Nobody anticipated the strong friendship Dumas and Agee would develop.

Dumas told Animal Planet, “It’s my job and it’s what I had to do, and then as I’m doing it, I felt very, very close to her.”

Agee and Dumas share a remarkable friendship; no one else in the world has a relationship of this nature with a polar bear.

“I adore her greatly. She is truly linked to me, yet I can’t say she loves me,” he said.

Agee also likes him, Dumas’ wife Dawn, who was also featured by Animal Planet, remarked.

Dumas stated he wouldn’t trade Agee and their amazing friendship for anything.

They also mentioned that Agee might get hostile when others start to focus on Dumas instead of Agee. Dawn claimed that because the polar bear is accustomed to her voice, she doesn’t mind her presence.

Dumas continues to be Agee’s main caretaker, supporter, and playmate today. Agee and Dumas showcased their relationship during the interview.

How close they are and how much they care about one another is clear.

Dumas claimed that he had never felt unsafe in the presence of Agee.
“Agee genuinely thinks of him as her mother and father together. also a companion Dawn mentioned her husband’s unique relationship with Agee.

Agee emits a sound that like a cat purring when Dumas and Agee are present.
Agee is reportedly quite content when she is with Dumas, according to Dawn.

In the video, you can hear her purring, which like a gentle engine running

One thing is certain: Dumas and Agee have an unbreakable friendship. While some people would wonder why a fully grown polar bear is not roaming free, it is true that this is not the case.

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