Poland and Lithuania team up to build ‘portal’ connecting two cities and people love it

Although the world has made tremendous strides over the past century to end inequalities based on gender and race, it’s no question that we still have a ways to go.

Various minds across the planet are doing their part to end social injustices.

But in modern technological times, modern technological solutions may prove a viable step in the right direction.

Two different European cities, spanning two different countries, are now connected through a portal.

It’s just about the most futuristic thing we’ve ever seen.

Lublin, Poland, and Vilnius, Lithuania, are now more connected than ever, simply due to a unique portal. The portal was designed in the shape of a circle to signify both time and space.

Inspired by the view astronauts see from space, the portal was designed to mirror the ‘overview effect.’

This overview effect outlines a psychological shift in the way people see themselves and their role as world citizens. It transforms the mind to focus on the larger picture instead of the day-to-day.

Although it can’t transport you to a parallel dimension, the portal allows spectators a glimpse into the neighboring city and its inhabitants, and it’s all completely live.

Get your best wave and dance moves ready because once you’re in front of the screen, cameras are sending a live video feed to the sister portal.

This revolutionary idea is the very first to come into fruition, forever linking various parts of the world.

Although the portal transmits video, the sound feature will largely be turned off. For certain events or special occasions, the sound may be returned, in a further effort to unite various cities.

Human communication transcends far beyond just oral language.

Many individuals have come up with clever ways to communicate with the people who are being reflected on the portals’ screens.

Individuals have performed various hand signals, dance moves, and even workouts to interface with those on the other side of the portal. If you’re lucky, you may even get a virtual hug or two.

Unifying all of earth’s people is at the forefront of the Portal agenda.

The Portal project’s main goal is to aid in the ongoing battle against discrimination. The portal connects people who would potentially otherwise never meet. Benediktas Gylys is the brains behind the operation.

Upcoming portals will link Reykjavik, Iceland, with Vilnius, Lithuania, and Vilnius, Lithuania, with London, England.

If you’re planning a vacation to any of the previously mentioned cities, it may be worth adding a stop to one of the portals to your holiday itinerary. You’ll get a glimpse into two countries for the price of one!

These cities were not chosen randomly.

In 1991, Reykjavik became the first capital to recognize Lithuania as its own independent nation. Even 30 years later, Lithuanians still have a strong sense of gratitude and friendship for their Icelandic neighbors.

As we are still in a world pandemic, the portal allows for various world citizens to experience another city without any risk of spreading the virus.

Though it took over five years to become a reality, there’s no better time to unveil the portal to the world.

The project’s leaders aspire to have the portals’ views alternate between other world cities several times per hour. This would allow for even more international connections and cooperation.

Check out this incredible advancement in the fight against social injustice in the video below!

It’s sure to transport you to another place entirely.

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