Playful giant panda ‘clings’ to zookeeper and refusing to let go

A giant panda is one of the most adorable animals on the planet. These giant fluffballs love playing more than anything else, and this tendency often results in some adorable scenes.

And that’s just what happened at a reserve in China.

A scene that’s gone viral takes place at the Wolong National Nature Reserve, and it involves a zookeeper and a very “clingy” panda bear. Despite it being mealtime, the creature has other activities in mind!

When you’re a zookeeper who works with giant pandas, likely every day is filled with adorable stories you can’t wait to share.

On the other hand, since pandas are too cute all the time – perhaps you just get used to it.

The worker in the video below is separating bamboo for the pandas and tossing the pieces on the ground. Only one bear can be seen in the footage, and he doesn’t seem too interested in the food.

What he does want to do is grab ahold of the zookeeper’s leg. Apparently, he seems to think it’s playtime instead of dinnertime!

The lively panda is all over the place trying to climb, nibble, and hold onto his buddy, the zookeeper.

For a split-second, the animal gets distracted by a stick on the ground…but then gets right back to wriggling and climbing through the guy’s legs.

It’s like he doesn’t want to let him go!

A viewer hilariously commented:

“Panda is like “you got two options, either you play with me or I play with you”

Now, you would think having a giant panda treat you like a jungle gym would be quite distracting. I mean, how in the world would you get anything done?

Either this zookeeper is a master at staying focused, or he’s just used to all of the panda’s shenanigans.

Throughout all of the animal’s moves, he tries his best to just complete his feeding duties and is able to keep a straight face too.

Alright, no more playing around. It’s time to eat!

Giant panda bears are known for eating large quantities of bamboo. According to the China Highlights website, they need to consume 23–40kg daily (approximately 50-88 lbs) to fulfill energy needs.

About 99% of their diet is bamboo, while the other 1% usually depends on whether the animal is wild or captive.

All that to say, perhaps the panda in the video really should get moving on his bamboo consumption!

Eventually, the zookeeper seems to be done with the “roughhousing” and likely has other tasks to take care of. So, he crouches down on the ground with the panda (but there’s a pole blocking the view).

Perhaps he’s telling him, “Stop, you’re gonna get me in trouble. We’ll play after work!”

Numerous panda videos featuring zookeepers have people commenting about how their job would be like a dream come true. This clip is no exception!

One viewer wrote:

“That’s this guy’s JOB?! Omg I would be playing alllllll day with that cutie”

Another shared:

“Zookeeper: another day at work 😒
World: Awww I wish I had his job.”

This panda is too adorable, and watching him play is sure to bring a smile to your face. What a sweetheart.

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