Pittie melts hearts with his adorable ‘greeting’ for beloved dad

Dogs are incredibly loyal animals. Once they find their person, they latch onto them and refuse to let go. They love us so much and they aren’t afraid to show it.

And two pitties who absolutely adore their dad are the perfect example of this.

Whenever their mom yells that their dad is at the door, these two pitties would immediately come running.

Two adorable American bullies, 8-year-old Bronson and his 3-year-old sister Kush, are living their carefree lives in their very loving home along with their paw-rents, Sydnee and Ryan.

They are pudgy yet cuddly dogs, and they surely do not want to miss their chance to show their love to their owners.

So, whenever their mom calls for them to meet their dad who just got home from his 24-hour shift, these adorable pitties would immediately perk up and sprint towards the door.

They would be dancing behind the glass doors, as their dad slowly approaches them with a blissful smile on his face.

No matter how stressed someone is, anyone would instantly feel energized once they see these pooches’ welcoming mugs.

Although, one of the pitties just wants to hog his dad all on his own.

If there was one dog who just misses his dad the most, it would be Bronson.

Once Ryan is back at home to spend his time off before going out again for his job, Bronson would spend the whole day being with him — like literally every single moment.

Whenever Ryan lies in the bed to rest, Bronson would be there to cuddle him.

Kush would come in for some attention, but the greedy Bronson would drive her away. When Sydnee wakes up the next day, she would find that Bronson is still beside Ryan on the bed.

Ryan says on camera, “When you want to sleep but your dog is Bronson.”

Bronson stalks his dad everywhere he goes around the house.

Since Bronson wants to spend the whole day with his dad, it is a given that wherever Ryan goes, he would never miss the chance to be there.

For instance, whenever his dad goes to the restroom to wash his face, Bronson would also be there, hoping that his dad will wash his pudgy face too.

Moreover, Bronson is also Ryan’s yoga stretching partner.

He would be stretching his legs on the mat where his dad was. It is purely adorable seeing how Bronson follows his dad around.

You would think that the shower is the only place in the house where the dog could not be with his dad, but you’re wrong.

Some dogs hate baths so much that they could not bear to be near the sound of dripping water.

However, as Ryan goes into the shower for a refreshing bath, Bronson would

ld stay behind the bathroom door, whining and sulking.

Dad couldn’t bear to see Bronson sad — and so he let Bronson jump in the shower with him. What an adorable, unique pup.

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