Peter Hollens joins up with Home Free for magnificent cover of ‘Amazing Grace’

One of the best ways to express how we feel is through music.

Music has its way of moving and healing a soul. No matter our mood, there’s always a song for it.

But if we need to feed our soul with solemn music, an a Capella tune always makes sense.

“Amazing” Grace by John Newton is one of the most covered songs in a capella.

We once featured the BYU Noteworthy in their heartwarming rendition of the song, and their voices blew us away.

But this song never runs out of great versions, just like this one by Peter Hollens featuring the group Home Free.

Peter Hollens always had music in his veins.

He is an American singer-songwriter who founded the University of Oregon’s a capella group in 1999 along with Leo da Silva. On The Rocks was the first official collegiate a capella group in Oregon.

His YouTube channel now has 2.78 million subscribers.

Peter’s channel is filled with beautiful renditions in a capella, including classic hits like “Unchained Melody,” “Blackbird,” and “Hallelujah.”

He also does movie and game things which are so fun to watch. Most of the time, he collaborates with other a capella artists and groups.

One of his most viewed videos is this rendition of “Amazing Grace” featuring Home Free.

If their name sounds familiar, you probably have heard of them. This group of five vocalists tour around the country with around 200 shows per year.

But their rise to fame was when they won in NBC’s The Sing-Off Season 4.

As expected, Peter and the group sounded wonderful in their number.

The video started with all of them singing behind church pews.

By the first few notes of the performance, you’ll be hooked.

The moment they started harmonizing, you couldn’t help but smile at how well their voices blended.

The video then shifted to a beautiful and scenic view of the woods.

Their voices harmonized perfectly, like it were some instruments accompanying their voices.

The sweet sound of these hums on a perfect pitch made the song sound more majestic.

You can also hear a different range of voices, especially from Home Free.

The tenor tone was so pleasant to the ears, soothing your soul as you listened.

But right in the middle of the song, you’ll be surprised by a deep bass as it comes out of nowhere.

The video ended back to them in church pews and their beautiful harmony to close the number.

This video now has over 19 million views and still counting!

Like other a capella performances, it enthralls you with how the notes are wrapped together in a beautiful song. No wonder it sounds so mesmerizing.

A capella groups love doing this song because of its beautiful lyrics and meaning.

“Amazing Grace” has this profound connection to those seeking hope and redemption.

John Newton described the song as his heartfelt expression to God when he felt his faith saved him in a pivotal moment of his life.

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