People not sure if rescued dog is actually a dog

When Lauren found this little dog no one thought she was a puppy. People kept asking Lauren whether she was a pig or a goat. It was because of the fur of the miserable-looking puppy.

Though the dog was Albino she didn’t have deafness or blindness. The poor puppy (later named Falkor) was 3 and a half pounds as she had difficulties with food and was a very furious dog. But Lauren made up her mind to change the life of Falkor for the better. As the dog was Albino and Lauren let her stay under the sun more than usual.

The dog, inspite of her sizes, was 5 to 6 years old when she was rescued. She thought that the dog had to fight for her food before and that’s why she had difficulties with food. However, everything was in the past and the dog had a caring and loving owner who made her trust people again.

Lauren did her best to make the dog happy and she managed to make Falkor’s life brighter.

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