People are flipping out over these dog beds that are made for humans

A new fluffy bed just hit the market and people can’t stop raving about how crazy comfortable it is.

But there’s just one teeny catch – you’re going to have to fight your dog over who gets first dibs on this oversized plushie!


Some people grow up with aspirations of doing meaningful, life-changing work. You know, like healing the sick or giving back to the community.

And then we have these two Gen Z derps giving us permission to be lazy mofo dogs.


Thanks to their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, college classmates Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita have raised a combined $700K to put their startup, which they aptly named Plufl, into production.

And yes, your Spidey senses are correct. It’s nothing more than a giant dog bed for those of us who are sick of being couch potatoes.

Because who doesn’t like taking an afternoon nap curled up on the floor like a puppy?


Whether this is just an extension of the antiwork movement so popular right now or a creative workaround to our collective lack of sleep, we can appreciate how Noah and Yuki took a good idea and made it even better.

Even the people of TikTok also seem to approve of this re-invention of an invention!

“As someone who works at a vet clinic and takes naps on the huge dog bed instead of the couch during night shifts I highly approve,” they declared.


According to the New York Post, the two Plufl founders were inspired to upgrade their power napping experience after they jealously watched a Great Dane named Lady snoozing the afternoon away at a local coffeehouse.

However, if you want to drool in your sleep like a Lady, it’ll cost you $399 to snuggle up inside the 5-foot-long XXXL faux fur and memory foam cot.

But if the pictures are anything to go by, at least you can tote the 20-pound floor coozie to your local coworking space and nap like a boss on demand.


Got some Monsters, Inc. living under your bed? No problemo!

In order to raise funds to make these beds a reality, the marketing team decided it’d be a good idea to turn one of our greatest childhood fears into an added benefit. Because technically, if there’s no “under the bed” then the monsters will just have to find a door to hide behind instead.


Or it could just backfire, and you’ll get eaten up like a meaty, Plufl taco.


Even Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show” got in on the expensive joke.

But you won’t ever catch him saying the word ‘Plufl’ any more than he actually has to.

“And finally, a company called Plufl has created the first human-sized dog bed and it costs $400. Honestly, I can’t tell what’s more annoying, the bed, the price, or that I just had to say the word ‘Plufl.’”


The good news is, even if you’ve been a bad boi or girl and end up in the dog house, at least you’ll still get a good night’s sleep.

And since the Plufl is 3 feet wide, you can be like a country music song and take your dog with you.


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