Parents make headlines with ‘period board’ they prepare for daughters during that time of the month

Most parents, especially dads, make it a point to avoid their daughters during their periods.

After all, its normal for girls and women to have pre-menstrual syndrome, or PMS, when its about to become that time of the month.

The days leading up to the period and when a girl is on her period comes with some not-so-pleasant symptoms. Typical symptoms often include mood swings, lower back pain, anxiety, and cramps.

No wonder many parents want to take the easy route and try to stay out of their daughter’s way during this time.

Parents and couple Michael Ciota and Tiffany Allen-Ciota went the opposite way.

They decided to embrace this time of the month in their household. Not only did they help their daughters Brooke and Courtney through their periods, but they also created waves online while doing it.

How? They took the online food board trends, such as cheese, charcuterie, and butter boards, all over social media and made it their own.

The Ciota couple created a new kind of board: the period board.

“Hey Tiktok, we’re going to show you the board we do once a month because, well, it’s just one of those things that come along. Its not a charcuterie board, it’s not a peanut butter board, it’s not a butter board, it’s not a pasta board. It’s a period board, because we have daughters,” the Ciota couple share at the start of the video.

Allen-Ciota then proceeds to show the period board she’s making. Of course, the board is filled with everything a girl on her period wants and needs!

First, she puts Aleve and a box of tissue in the corner of the board.

Then, she proceeds to put a variety of sweet and salty snacks, including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s bars, and several flavors of Pringles.

Next, she puts lots of pads, adds Cheez-its and pretzels, and a heating pad.

All are arranged beautifully on a wooden board, of course!

“Whatever’s unreasonable is totally reasonable,” she adds while making the board.

She ends the TikTok video with a bottle and glass of wine. “Then maybe some of this for Mom and Dad.”

Their period board is now making the rounds on social media and people are showing their love for the idea.

“I love this! I’m gonna make one for my teen when it’s time! Thank you for the idea!”, said one comment.

Another said, “I’m 39 but will you meet me at the door once a month? I want the wine too though,” with a laughing emoji.

Allen-Ciota explained that her husband doesn’t understand what their daughters are going through, so the period boards help him understand them better and be involved.

“My husband is very talented in the kitchen. He always puts together something fabulous, and he’s great at putting charcuterie boards. Now he helps me with period boards. We include whatever they want on there to help get them through. We want them to know they are loved and supported,” Allen-Ciota told Scary Mommy.

We love the Ciota couple’s creativity, but more importantly, we appreciate how they’re showing their daughters love and understanding when they need it more.

We hope more parents embrace this mentality and show their children the same love and care as the Ciota couple. After all, a parent’s main job is to love their children unconditionally, even with mood swings and cravings.

Watch the TikTok video to see how you can make your own version of a period board!

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