Paralyzed Dog Abandoned By Owner When She Can No Longer Hunt

Some people keep their pets as much as they can serve them. When their “lovely” ones are rather too old or have some health issues such cruel owners throw them away and the poor animals start to roam the streets helplessly. One of such dogs was Avellana.

Like many dogs of her breed, Avellana endured as a hunting dog and as soon as she couldn’t hunt anymore because of her health her owners abandoned her. Luckily in Spain, there is a wonderful rescue organization called Galgos del Sol. The volunteers of this rescue organization yearly save thousands of galagos and podencos breeds.

Avellana was paralyzed and she was lying on the street helplessly. Luckily she was in good hands and her suffering came to an end. The shelter did everything for her and soon Avellana found a loving forever home.

But imagine that she wouldn’t be found by kind volunteers. What could happen to the poor paralyzed dog?

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