Owner leaves dogs home alone with 2,000 tennis bills and sets up cameras to see what happens

Kakoa and Sky are not just any dogs. They are celebrities in a way. Their owner has a YouTube channel (My Mountain Husky), where he uploads videos with them doing fun stuff. They are also popular on Instagram with more than 36k followers.

The guy that owns them explains that Kakoa is an Agouti Siberian Husky, while Sky is a black/white Siberian Husky.

The two beautiful dogs are featured in dozens of videos that have amassed more than 510 million views.

In one of their videos, their owner leaves them alone in a room full of tennis balls, and he films their reactions.

As you can see in the video below, the guy brings 2,000 tennis balls to his Nevada home.

He puts all the tennis balls in the living room, and then he brings the huskies inside.

He has already placed three cameras around the house to film the dogs from different angles, while he has also placed a GoPro on Sky to make sure that he doesn’t miss anything his two best friends do while he is away from home.

So, once he brings the dogs inside, he takes them to the front door and explains that he is going to leave for a while, and asks them to be good boys.

Once he closes the door behind him, the dogs look a little perplexed, then they move towards the living room and kitchen.

In the living room, they see the balls, and they hesitantly approach them. Then they go to the door again.

As their owner explains in a note, they are probably trying to make sure that he has left.

They spend some time behind the door, and then they return to the living room where it’s like a dog’s paradise.

Now, Kakoa looks more excited than before. In fact, he tries to make Sky play with him while acting silly. But, soon, they get tired of this game and return to the door.

Finally, their owner returns and the doggies are really happy to see him. When he takes them to the living room with him, that’s when the real party starts!

You see, it seems that there’s no point in having tennis balls around without having a human to play with. Even if it’s 2,000!

When their human starts throwing balls here and there, both Kakoa and Sky start jumping and running around, chasing the balls happily.

The video has gone viral with more than 5.6 million views and 73k likes.

YouTube users just loved the dogs’ reactions to the tennis balls.

Many of them also commented on the video:

“They’re like, ‘Hooman, you’ve missed the point. Tennis balls are only fun when you’re around!’” someone wrote, with another one writing: “I love how they instantly become more excited about the balls when the human come home. Doggos are so pure”.

Indeed, it seems that for dogs, all games are meaningful only if their human is around to join in them.

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