Owner dresses up as dog’s favorite toy and dog’s reaction is melting hearts

What if your favorite toy came to life?

As kids, we all had that toy that we just couldn’t seem to get enough of. We bring it with us wherever we go.

Stuffed toy, action figure, a car, or even a rock – all of us have that one favorite toy. But it’s not just us who play favorites.

Charlie, a golden retriever, also has his pick. And then one day, when he expected it the least, he saw his inanimate best friend come to life.

It is an understatement to say that Charlie likes his duck a lot.

Even with the variety of toys at his disposal, in the end, he would always go back to his beloved duck named Mr. Quackers.

“I noticed he would take it wherever he went and even slept with it at night,” Alicia, Charlie’s owner, told The Dodo. “I had never seen him act this way with a stuffed toy before.”

The stuffed toy was much a part of him at that point.

One day, Charlie’s owners thought of something to surprise the adorable Charlie. They bought a costume for her husband so that he can look a lot like Mr. Quackers but in human size. Luckily, she found one randomly at a store.

They recorded the surprise so that they can immortalize Charlie’s reaction. And we’re really glad they did.

The video begins with Charlie looking at Alicia.

As expected, much like any other time, Charlie was biting on his Mr. Quackers. But at the same time, someone else was sneaking up behind him.

The giant Mr. Quackers approached Charlie carefully until the dog finally felt someone behind him. When he turned, he got the biggest surprise of his life.

Charlie quickly jumped on Mr. Quackers.

It was obvious that he couldn’t contain his excitement within his furry self. His tail was wagging enthusiastically and his feet are “tippy-tappin’” eagerly. He just couldn’t wait to actually play with his best friend.

The couple even edited hilarious commentary to show what Charlie could’ve been thinking in those moments.

The first part of Charlie’s agenda was to welcome his friend to the world of Beat Down Town where he was apparently the mayor. The rules of his town were simple – wrestle until someone gets tired.

The video has since captured thousands of hearts on the internet.

The video they uploaded on their YouTube channel got over a hundred thousand views but part two of the “Dressing Up As Our Dog’s Favorite Duck Toy” series got almost 900,000 views on Facebook.

Charlie’s YouTube channel has almost 90,000 subscribers while his Facebook account has over a million followers.

The people can’t get enough of the duo.

“It’s like your 4-year-old daughter going to Disney for the first and meeting their favorite Disney princess in real life. So happy to meet a living, life-size Mr. Quackers. Love it!” Said one commenter.

“I’ve been anxiously awaiting this meeting. It does look like Charlie knew it was Dad but what a great video the two of them playing. You are so creative and your husband was quite a trooper. Thanks so much for sharing.” Said another.

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