Owner Checked Security Cam And Saw An Unexpected Thing His Dog Did

The owner discovered on the security camera that his dog used the potty training in the middle of the night, writes kenhthoisu

When a man from California got home from the job at 5:00 AM, he saw poop in the training toilet of his son. Actually, these things are always cleaned out right away by his wife, but he saw what he made him think that his wife did not see them.

So, he went to check the surveillance camera and saw an unexpected thing. It was his dog who left the poop in the training potty!

The dog entered the room

You can see in these photos below that were taken by the surveillance camera that the dog circling the potty more than a time and then started squatting and pooping right into it.

He circled the potty

He started squatting…

…and pooping right into it.

And then he ran out of the room

Actually, you can feel that the dog is an expert. It is obvious that the dog became an expert after seeing his tiny human sibling pooping into the toilet every day.

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