One Man Didn’t Listen When Everybody Said To Not Touch This Cat

One man said, “Everyone in the apartment building where I lived knew who was ugly. Ugly loved three things in the world: fighting, eating, littering and, how shall I put it, loving, fsrn writes.

The combination of these things combined with a life in nature had its effect on Ugly. For one thing, he only had one eye, and where the other should have been, there was a big hole. On the same side he missed his ear, and his left leg was severely broken at one point. And he was healed at an unnatural angle, which made him look like he was constantly spinning around. His tail is long gone, and all that remains is a small stump that kept twitching and turning.

Every time someone saw Ugly, their reaction was the same: “That’s a really ugly cat!” All the children were warned not to touch him. Adults threw stones at him or tried to chase him away with a tube. But Ugly always had the same reaction. He stood there and didn’t move until the cruel stranger stopped using the tube and rocks and left him alone. If you pitch things at him, he would even cower at your feet to show remission. If you picked him up, he would immediately start sucking on your shirt or ears, no matter what he found.

I heard his screams from my apartment and rushed to help him. When I got there, he was lying down and it was obvious that his poor life was coming to an end. I carried him home, afraid my touch would hurt him. I heard him gasp and struggle, but then I felt a familiar sensation.

He was sucking on my ear. I took him closer to me and he laid his head on my hand. Then he turned one of his golden eyes to me and I heard a distinct purring sound. In that moment, I thought Ugly was the most beautiful and loving creature I had ever seen.

Ugly left this world forever before i picked him up, but then I held him in my arms for a long time and thought about how a scarred and deformed stray dog could change my idea of what it means to have a pure soul. To love so fully and sincerely. “Ugly” taught me more about awarding and commiseration than a thousand books, lectures, or talk shows could have.

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