New pictures of “Rich People Cry, Too” star Veronica Castro show that she doesn’t colour her hair and isn’t afraid of her wrinkles.

The “The Rich also Cry” and “Wild Rose” star will have brand-new pictures on the Celebrity Channel.

What did Veronica Castro look like when she was young?

Over the course of her more than 40-year career, the gorgeous Mexican actress had numerous appearances in movies and television series. Additionally, Castro’s appearances in the serial operas “The Rich also Cry” and “Wild Rose” helped her gain international recognition.

updated images of Veronica Castro

“I’ve come to terms with aging. I enjoy being in my 70s and have gray hair and wrinkles. People have occasionally advised me to take care of my looks since I am a public figure. They advise me to wear makeup, have regular beauty treatments, and experiment with new techniques to seem younger. I don’t want to, though. According to Veronica, “I think I’m a lovely woman, and my devoted followers always congratulate me.”

The actress went on to remark that she sees her physical appearance as proof of years well lived and the accumulation of knowledge and experience, which, as you are aware, cannot be bought with money.

2019 saw the Mexican actress’ acting career come to an end. She has recently been sharing images and blogging often on social media, expressing her joy in her boys and granddaughter Rafaela.

Do you think Veronica Castro needs to hide her signs of aging?

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