NEW FOSTERS: Welcome mama cat and her 4 kittens! Something special about these kittens is that 2 of them are actually polydactyl,

NEW FOSTERS: Welcome mama cat and her 4 kittens! Something special about these kittens is that 2 of them are actually polydactyl, which means that they have extra toes. (Look closely at the fluffy tortie’s paws in the second video when she’s playing!)

Mama cat is super affectionate and loves to talk with chirps, meows and trills to both me and her kittens. (You can hear her talking in almost all of my videos. 😅) Her kittens are 6 weeks old today. @fosteringlove.pdx said.

Meet Acacia, Maple, Aspen, Hazel and mama Magnolia (Maggie for short)! 🍁🐈‍⬛ #MagnoliaTreeKittens

Acacia & Maple are polydactyl. You can see their extra big paws in slides 1-3. Aspen (black fluffy kitten) is the only boy of the group. @fosteringlove.pdx said.

May 3rd, 2016 I brought home my first ever foster kittens. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years of fostering already. ♥️

Kittens pictured in the photo: Hazel & Maple @fosteringlove.pdx said.

What do you think, is Acacia model material? ✨ #MagnoliaTreeKittens

(Sound on in the last video to hear Acacia purring.) @fosteringlove.pdx said.

Mama Magnolia used to live in a home where the people tormented her with loud banging noises to scare her before she came to the animal shelter. However, despite all of this, Magnolia is still so incredibly affectionate and the best mama to her kittens.

When it’s time for Magnolia to find her forever home, I hope someone will give her a chance because this talkative, sweet and cuddly girl seriously deserves the best. Happy Mother’s Day Magnolia (and to all the moms out there as well)! 💗 @fosteringlove.pdx said.

Aspen in the sunlight ☀️ (swipe for loud purrs!) #MagnoliaTreeKittens @fosteringlove.pdx said.

How would you describe Maple’s meow? It’s definitely the squeakiest meow I’ve ever heard! 😅 @fosteringlove.pdx said.

Happy 8 weeks old to the Tree Kittens! 🌳✨

Here are a few things I’ve learned about each of them so far:

🍁 Maple is a tortie with an orange flame on her forehead and big polydactyl paws. Maple also has the cutest meow ever. Or rather, she squeaks instead of meows. She’s playful, silly and will purr loudly when you pet her.

🍂 Hazel is a playful tortie kitten and loves to run around with her siblings and chase after toys. She often likes to quietly come up to me and ask for pets by brushing up against my hand or leg.

🌿 Aspen is a big, fluffy and sweet kitten. He’s the only boy of the group. He has the softest fur and loud purrs. He loves cuddles and will flip around onto his back for belly rubs and pets.

🌱 Acacia is a fluffy tortie with big polydactyl paws. She is a calm, friendly and inquisitive kitten. She sometimes likes to quietly stay next to me or climb up on my lap.

🌸 Mama Magnolia is very affectionate, talkative and loving. Her favorite thing is to be with people and if she could, she would be content to cuddle 24/7. Magnolia is definitely a lap cat and will seek you out for pets. She loves to purr, make biscuits with her paws and talk to you in chirps and trills. She’s always there to greet me at the door and follow me around the foster room. @fosteringlove.pdx said. #MagnoliaTreeKittens

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