Nervous baby otter has an adorable swimming lesson with mom

Otters are among the cutest aquatic mammals.

Their soft fur, expressive facial expressions, and charming mannerisms contribute to this animal’s well-loved and cute image. They are members of the weasel family, and thirteen different species of otters are found globally.

Some live in the ocean while others live in freshwater, like rivers or lakes.

Interestingly, there has been an otter boom in Singapore.

The city-state’s otter population has more than doubled since 2019.

These Singaporean otters live in different areas around the city, including in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Several locals are “ottergraphers” who take photos of the celebrity otters and post them on social media.

You can see this particular group of otters in the Singapore Botanic Gardens surrounded by photographers as well.

This video features a group of otters, also called a bevy or raft of otters, about to swim in one of the ponds of the botanic gardens. There are older otters and baby otters in the group.

The adult otters jump into the water one by one. You can see them leaping in with hardly any hesitation.

However, the otter pups are a different story. Most of them are left behind on the ledge of the pond.

You can see the baby otters hesitating- going to the edge and then moving back again.

One adult otter took matters into their own hands and got one pup by the neck and jumped in with the baby otter. The guidance from the older otters is not surprising, as baby otters stay with their parents for the first six months.

While the grownup otters are swimming, the other baby otters are still unsure and are left outside the water.

After a while, a couple of pups finally jump into the water.

There are still a few otter pups left on the ledge. They continue looking around and even start sounding like they’re asking for help.

The last three pups then decide to go near the edge.

One of them is pulled in by one of the full-grown otters.

The second to the last pup finally jumps in. A lone otter pup is left on the ledge until the last pup is pulled into the water by one of the older otters.

In the end, all the otter pups are in the pond and swimming with the older otters in their bevy.

Thanks to their adorable swimming lesson, the otters have been viewed over 40 million times!

One netizen commented, “Awwww! Absolutely adorable! Love the way the mama or dada convinced the last two to join everybody in the pool”.

Another one said, “So cute the parent pulls the last one in!”

The boom of otters in Singapore has resulted in mixed feelings among residents, thanks to some of them getting into private ponds and eating pet fish.

However, in this video, you can see people happily taking photos of this particular group of otters.

One thing we can all agree on is that the otters in this video are adorable and we can watch this video over and over again.

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