My personal life is being invaded by my ex-husband. In response to Brad Pitt’s charges, Angelina Jolie

Fighting between parents over their shared Chateau Miraval winery in France, which is home to many children. The actress got it while she was married to 58-year-old Brad Pitt. After putting a lot of time and money into the family company, the actor who played the part in the movie “Fight Club” claimed that Angelina broke their agreement. The actor alleges that his ex-girlfriend illegally transferred her ownership interest in the winery. Brad was angry that he didn’t even know the new owner, Russian tycoon Yuri Shefler.

Jolie believes that some of the actress’s ex-claims husband’s invade her privacy and that he is rushing her. The performer needed a large quantity of documents in a short amount of time. Some of the questions were seen as “an violation of attorney-client confidentiality and Jolie and her family’s private rights,” according to the movie star’s counsel.

Angelina nevertheless made the decision to back Brad. “Willing to take part in the inquiry and give any essential facts,” the actress declared. Additionally, the movie diva advised everyone to follow the court’s deadlines.

Private information about the parties and their families as well as complex privilege issues will be examined. Documents from two continents must be acquired for it. The study will be expensive, with prices increasing as more data is gathered. The document search shouldn’t begin, at the very least, until Pitt has submitted an updated complaint, according to Jolie’s counsel, RadarOnline said.

Angelina’s earlier assertions shocked her. husband’s The actress claims that her ex-accusations husband’s are “frivolous, vindictive, and part of a questionable scheme.”

Jolie tries to spend all of her free time with her children. The 17-year-old daughter of the Hollywood diva, Zahara, was seen with mom in public.

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