Morbidly Obese Dog Abandoned Near Field, He Is Forlorn, Sick And Has Nowhere To Go

Arbuckle (or Fatty Arbuckle) weighed 116 lbs when he was found dumped face-down near a farm. He could barely walk as his tiny joints were unable to sustain his weight.

LA’s “A Purposeful Rescue” took him in and vowed to help him.


An examination at the vet’s revealed that Arbuckle was suffering from hypothyroidism, which was the reason why his body puffed up like a balloon. Arbuckle was rendered immobile because of his painful joints, so his initial treatment was based on medicines alone. In time, he got leaner and was able to go on walks again!

Once Arbuckle started losing weight, there was no going back for him. During this time, actress Jane Lynch and her partner learned about Arbuckle and decided to adopt him. They gave him a loving forever home. Arbuckle became a famous influencer on his own, as his difficult weight-loss journey gave many people hope and motivation. No wonder they call him a miracle dog! See for yourself, he’s is a total hunk now!


Update: We are left saddened after hearing that Arbuckle recently passed away. He was 9 years old. After his death, the shelter received a whopping $5000 in donations overnight, all from people who cheered on Arbuckle and wanted to celebrate his inspiring life. We hope you are shining your light upon us from the stars, Arby. You rest in peace now, good boy.

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