Moment captured when dog sees for the 1st time after having cataract surgery

The world is beautiful but not everyone can see it.

The conflict between nations, the pandemic, monkeypox, global warming, and oil price hike are just among the issues of the world right now. But despite all these negative things, the world is still beautiful when we look at it on a larger scale.

However, not everyone can literally see the beauty of the world and life itself. What we mean are people who, sadly, have issues with their sense of sight, especially those who are blind. Just imagine waking up every day and when you open your eyes, all you see is absolute darkness.

Truth be told, even our beloved dogs are not exempted from this kind of situation.

We all know dogs, right? They are naturally playful and these furry creatures want nothing but to goof around almost the entire day. They have this unceasing energy that’s fueling them to do anything that amuses them.

But they can’t do any of these if they are having trouble seeing, just like this 4-year-old Pomeranian and Maltese mix who had suffered long enough from cataracts since he was little. In a Reddit post from a user named u/SnuzieQ, she stated that her dog had cataracts since she adopted him at the age of 1.

The owner of the dog wrote“He had cataracts from the time I adopted him at about age 1. They have progressively gotten worse and have rendered him mostly blind (though he got around quite well and still could see a tiny bit out of the corners of the retina) for at least a year. He is about 4 now.”

Just imagine not seeing the world for 4 long years, it must’ve been hard for this little boy.

Thankfully, the brave doggo didn’t lose hope. Together with his supportive human mom, he endured those years of darkness until one day. Just a couple of weeks ago, he had his surgery that went pretty smooth.

In another post, the dog’s owner shared that her dog was finally out of surgery. Not only that, but it also looked like the dog also made friends with the receptionist who told her, “he’s a wonderful dog, we all were petting and holding him and he gave so many kisses.”

The owner admitted that the expenses for the surgery, medical fees, medicines, and follow-ups are no joke but she is ready to spend every dollar because she knows it’s all worth it. Some people even offered financial help, but she declined. Instead, the kind woman suggested to those who want to help her to just give their kind donations to animal shelters or fundraising groups that aim to help people with cataracts.

And the day the woman and her dog have been long waiting for finally came!

In a heart-melting video that went viral, the dog can be seen wearing the “cone of shame” with what seems to be a special screen to protect his eyes. They also shaved the fur surrounding his eyes in order for the dog to see without any obstructions.

The dog took his time looking around, it can’t be helped since it was his first time in a long time to see again. He looks overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time, it’s almost safe to say that he’s trying to register new images into his mind.

According to the owner, her dog also saw a chipmunk and they also had ice cream as a celebration after a rough week of her dog’s post-cataract removal surgery.

Surely, from that day onward, there will be no more darkness for this lucky dog, just brightness and colors every single day.

Watch the video below to see the dog’s reaction.

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