Mom is shocked when all three of her daughters were born on the same day. a three-year gap

It is common for family members to share the same birth month. Some family members may have the same birth date, although this is already unusual.

What are the chances, yes? It appears that only one in 48 million instances experiences this. The Lammert family is proof positive that this is a real possibility.

Kristin Lammert, the fortunate mother of the three lovely daughters, thinks that supernatural intervention played a role in how everything turned out.

The woman told WKMG News 6 that there was “divine intervention, fate, and loved ones up above.”

The 25th of August was the shared birthday of her first and second daughters. Giuliana was born in 2018, although Sophia was.
The youngest daughter that Kristin was expected to give birth to was initially due on September 8.

She may have been born two weeks early and would have had the same birthdate as her two elder sisters, according to Kristin.

She was rather certain that her youngest would be born on a different day, but on August 24, something unexpected occurred.
Kristin was being attentively watched by her doctor because she had Covid-19 while carrying her third kid. The pre-eclampsia was their biggest worry.

“My doctor suggested as early as two weeks. I remember going to my husband and saying, “Oh my my, Nick, two weeks before the due date is August 25,” when I glanced at the calendar at that time, she said to TODAY. “He says, ‘No way,'” I immediately thought, “She’s definitely going to be born on the 25th.”

Due to this, the family also chose to host Sophia and Giuliana’s birthday celebration one week early.

Later, the mother of three recalled, “we had the kids’ birthday celebration a few weeks, well, actually just one week early for them, because I said ‘I bet you I’m going to deliver her early since I was having contractions’,”

Kristin did not give birth on September 1st, as fate would have it.

Little Mia was born the night of August 25. Her elder sisters, who are all precisely three years older than her, also have the same birthdate as her.

Despite Kristin experiencing pre-eclampsia, Mia is in good health. She settled down right away, and soon after delivery, she was taken home to meet the family, particularly her elder sisters who were born on the same day as her.

Mia is just mesmerized by the sounds of Sophia and Giuliana, and she grins at them, according to Lammert. “It’s very sweet to watch the three of them connect with one another.”

The Lammerts still find it hard to comprehend that such a rare incident could occur in their family.
It’s quite distinctive. Honestly, I’m not sure what that means,” Kristin said to TODAY. “Occasionally, I visit and examine their birth certificates. They all actually have the same birthday, I think.

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