Mom checks monitor and catches their giant ‘wolf’ dog sneaking into toddler’s room

Baby cams are super helpful. They can also catch a lot of unexpected things. The Matthews family has three big malamute dogs, and one young baby girl who sleeps in her own bedroom with a baby cam.

So with dogs known to be protective, pack-loving, and friendly, what do you think happened when this big malamute snuck into the baby’s room? Nothing but cuteness.


The video shows the family’s camera replaying the dog in the room.

At first, the dog, named Teddy, stands in the room. It looks like he is sniffing around. At different points, he circles around the room. It’s unclear what he’s looking for, but it seems to be protective of the baby, like he wants to make sure nothing will happen to her.

He lifts his head over the crib wall to sniff there. It’s like he’s checking to make sure that the baby, named Amelia, is still there.

The baby wakes up, and she seems confused by the whole thing.

It isn’t typical for the dogs to go into Amelia’s bedroom, especially not when she’s sleeping. Even for a baby, she must know that this isn’t normal, but she doesn’t seem bothered at all. She calmly watches her dog as he sniffs around her room.


Eventually, she tries to fall back asleep. However, she can’t, due to the dog’s activity in her room. She tosses and turns and starts crying.

“Amelia who’s in your bed?”

The mom starts speaking through the baby cam to ask the important questions. The playfulness doesn’t last long though, as the mom then goes to check on Amelia and get Teddy out of the bedroom. At this point, Amelia seems pretty tired and confused by the whole thing, and she probably just wants to go to bed. But she loves Teddy and also seems to want to be around him.

Mom then records what happens when she enters the bedroom, and it’s just as cute.

The mom enters the room and turns on the lights, and finds that Teddy just wants to say hi to Amelia. The baby is still a bit confused by this, so the mom encourages Teddy to say hello.


Teddy lifts himself up to her crib and gives baby Amelia a little kiss on the hand. She seems pretty happy with that! So happy, in fact, that she grabs two of her toys to show him.

The baby seems a little too tired to play.

But Teddy still loves her. After she gets out of bed, she brings her toys to sit on the floor with mom. Teddy, still curious and excited, seems interested in her bed. He continues to lean over the crib and try to sniff around it. It’s adorable to see the interactions between Amelia and Teddy. As the big dog keeps exploring her bedroom, Amelia watches him. Hopefully, they both got to have a nice cuddle after the video ended.

The video has captured hearts on YouTube.

In the description, they wrote:

“Imagine seeing this on your baby’s monitor camera! Teddy is a cheeky dog sneaking in to see Amelia and waking her up! He just misses her and wants to play but imagine waking up and seeing his shadow in your room haha. He really is harmless but looks just like a giant wolf, thankfully he just wants to play!”


One person commented:

“I swear when the time comes for Amelia to get a big girl bed he will literally be in it with her all the time going to be so adorable”


Someone else wrote:

“Amusingly, Mia will never worry about the boogie man under the bed or in the closet.”

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