Mom can’t ignore when doorbell camera catches delivery driver’s interaction with her cat

If you own cats, you know how grumpy they can get. They’re moody and they don’t like getting touched all the time.

Tuna is different from other cats.

For one, she has her own Instagram account. There, she showcases not just how pretty she is but how sassy she can be too.

The furry influencer has over a thousand followers there.

Lover of adventure

And the number is expected to increase. With how adorable she is and how fascinating her behavior is, that’s not surprising.

Tuna is quite an adventurous cat.

On her social media accounts, you’d see how well she goes with other animals. She doesn’t have problems interacting with dogs and even reptiles.

She loves humans too!

This is what her owners discovered during the pandemic. Since they were home quite a lot, they noticed the cat’s unusual behavior.

The cat would often come home dirty.

This left her owners wondering where she goes and what she does outside. Out of curiosity, they got her a GPS. To their surprise, the device showed that she’s just always in the house.

Unexpected sight caught on camera

One day, her human witnessed something special on their porch.

Tuna and the delivery guys

Through their camera, they saw Tuna getting friendly with delivery men. In fact, she even puts a show for them. The cat would walk in circles. At times, she would even roll over as if entertaining her guests.

She has different moves as well and she doesn’t feel shy about showing them off. In return, the delivery men would pet her.

Her first love was the Amazon man.

As soon as she sees the guy, she’d make noises right away. And if she missed them, she’d instantly feel sad.

Can’t ignore her reactions

Tuna’s reactions to delivery men earned a lot of positive reactions.

Extremely friendly

One YouTube user commented on The Dodo’s video:

“Tuna is the ambassador of good will and friendliness. She greets and makes people feel welcome. She even lowers their blood pressure when they pet her.”

Another one said:

“As a delivery driver I can absolutely let you know that having pets to share our day with makes all the difference! It is definitely a therapy session! Tuna is such a sweet girl! ❤”

Tuna’s humans consider her behavior a huge help for delivery men.

An instant boost

With so many awful things going on these days, delivery men deserve a break. They go through a lot just to make sure that packages are delivered safely on time.

Having a cat entertain them even for just a few minutes each day can help ease their stress and boost their happiness. Tuna is giving them something to look forward to when they go to work every day and that’s a huge help.

A YouTube user agrees to that. He said:

“As a former pizza delivery driver, I can confirm that friendly cats were the ABSOLUTE highlight of my day, just as good as a great tip and often better 💚”

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