Mom and son take the dance floor for amusing routine no one expected

The mother-son dance at a wedding is typically a way for the special relationship to be honored, but some people have unique ideas of what that means.

The mother-son dance has a long history. According to World Champion Productions,

“The groom will take his mother out on the dance floor for a special dance together for this tradition. It is a time for the groom to focus on his mother and create a special moment together one-on-one.”

However, that does not necessarily mean that this special dance has to be slow and traditional.

Especially recently, as people want to celebrate their relationships with less hierarchical power dynamics and some people seek a viral moment, the mother-son dance has evolved into a chance to become truly unique.

At one wedding reception, the groom and his mother took the opportunity to showcase their fun-loving bond by filming a very special dance.

In the beginning, the mother and the groom stand up and face each other across the dance floor. The wedding guests do not know what is about to happen, but they can probably already tell this dance might be a little different because of this strange distance and the country music playing in the background.

And then the two dancers groove towards one another with a snap-step movement. For a little bit, they sway while in one another’s arms. They have great rhythm and seem to be having fun, but things level up pretty quickly.

The music changes and then the vibe shifts.

With a record-scratch, the music becomes a lot more groovy. The groom and his mother act surprised, but go along with it.

Then they burst out into choreographed dance. First, they do a secret handshake, and then they move into doing the robot. By this point, the audience is cheering and is so excited to see whatever the mother and son do next.

The video is 5 minutes of so many genres of music and dance, and so much heartwarming hilarity.

After the 80s pop song comes another record scratch, and then some hip-hop comes on. The dancing duo get into it, with both of them shaking their hips and even doing a stanky leg.

Later, they dance the dougie, and they drop it like it’s hot.

The bride can be seen in the background laughing and covering her mouth. The whole video, the audience is cheering and is so excited by this.

This is definitely one of the most memorable mother-son dances, and the mom has earned the title of coolest mom of the night.

Viewers all agree that this video is something special.

This could be a YouTube classic! Commenters on the video echo again and again that they love this video.

One commenter says:

“This made me laugh, smile and cry in under 5 minutes lol. So sweet!! The best mother & son dance I’ve seen 😍.”

Another person writes:

He will always remember and cherish this memory. Congrats👏

The video closes out on a sweet note.

After all their getting down, the music changes back to the original country song. The mom and her son hold hands and dance in a more traditional way again, and everyone feels blessed by a great memory.

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