Missing dog rings family’s doorbell at 3 AM to tell them she’s home

Fourth of July festivities are never without fireworks.

This might be cool and fun for others, but it makes a lot of pets anxious. Pet owners are worried about this too. They know their pets will become very agitated or spooked by the sound of fireworks.

This was the case for Rajah and her fur-parents.

It was days before July 4 when fireworks started to go off in their neighborhood in South Carolina. Rajah, a lab-Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, was spooked by the sound of fireworks that she darted off outside and ran away.

Her owners Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick, tried to run after her, but they lost her.

They searched for her for hours. They even posted it on Facebook and asked people for help in case they find her. Mary Lynn posted that Rajah was probably just around their area in Simpsonville and Woodruff Roads near Heritage Lakes.

They also said that she was microchipped, and her tag has phone numbers.

The couple drove around the area, too, hoping to find Rajah at the side of the street. After hours of searching, they surrendered and went back home. It was a tiring night for Mary Lynn and Ryan, and they were hoping that tomorrow would be better.

But they got the biggest surprise at 3 AM.

Their doorbell rang. And guess who they found? Rajah!

Footage of their Ring cam showed that Rajah used her nose to ring the doorbell!

When the couple went to the door, they saw a sad and sulking Rajah who looked like she was sorry about what happened. Mary Lynn and Ryan, however, just laughed it off.

They were also surprised how Rajah learned how to ring the doorbell.

The couple shared that they just moved in last May, and Rajah is often inside the house. Their doorbell is also rarely used since they lived there. Rajah might just be a smart cookie – and thank goodness she is!

This incident is a good reminder for people out there who light fireworks during festivals.

Animals have a different hearing ability compared to humans. They tend to have sharper hearing and perceives sound to be louder than what most humans hear. The sound of firecrackers or gunshots frightens them. It may also cause irreparable hearing loss.

On the other hand, pet owners can do the following to help ease their pet’s anxiety during festivities.

  • Desensitize your pet by playing fireworks sound as background during play.
  • Take them to a long walk in the morning so they’ll get tired at night.
  • Distract your pets with toys and treats.
  • Provide a safe space for them. Play peaceful or calming music if you can.
  • Use a Thundershirt – a special wrap-around shirt that eases anxiety through gentle pressure. This can be bought or be made on your own.
  • If none of these works try anti-anxiety medication. Make sure to check with your vet first before giving them one.

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