Mischievous baby elephant interrupts news reporter to tickle him

According to WWF, almost 90% of African elephants have become extinct in the past century.

Sadly, this is because of the large ivory trade.

Because of this, only about 415,000 wild elephants exist today. Unfortunately, another threat to these beautiful creatures is our poor environmental health.

This is the reason more people are trying to spread awareness, not just for the conservation of the environment, but also for the life of our precious animals.

Alvin Kaunda, a reporter for a local channel in Kenya, recently went viral for the most adorable clip.

The clip lasted only a few seconds, making millions of people smile.

In his news report, Kaunda was talking about the devastating effects of human actions in our world, especially in the supposed haven for Kenya’s red elephant species.

If you are wondering why they are called red elephants, it’s because these elephants bathe in the red volcanic soil, thus making their appearance red.

Kaunda explains what is happening in our ecosystem and how it strips our animals of their home.

As he was explaining, we see one elephant in the background peeking.

That baby elephant decides to play a game with Kaunda.

While reporting, a little elephant trunk taps his shoulder, and then, he tried to poke Kaunda’s ears.

The beautiful elephants surrounded him, so it was expected that they would be a little playful.

But Kaunda wasn’t ready for what will happen next.

The baby elephant then puts his trunk on the top of his head, much like saying “this is a wonderful human”, and this gave the reporter a smile on his face.

Kaunda, being a professional reporter, continued to talk about wildlife and environmental protection and conservation, but just then, the little trunk reached for this nose and mouth.

Did you know that the elephant trunk has around 150,000 muscle units?

That’s why some elephants could pick a peanut, paint, and even pick up flowers.

Though, this baby elephant had other things in mind.

The baby elephant was really playful and also very smart. Aside from that, he didn’t feel scared or threatened by the kind reporter.

As he poked his nose and mouth, Kaunda burst into a contagious giggle.

We have to give it to Kaunda. Even though the baby elephant kept on tickling him, checking out his ears, shoulders, hair, and his entire face, he stayed focused on his report.

He delivered his message while looking straight at the camera.

That’s really hard to do, especially when you’re ticklish.

When the adorable elephant played with his face, that’s when he finally gave in to the laughter.

How adorable!

While the baby elephant was playing with his nose, you’d get a glimpse of the elephant’s eyes.

Like a child, he was full of curiosity and wonder.

Even though the clip went viral because of the playfulness of the baby elephant, the actual message here is that these animals deserve to live.

This playful baby elephant who’s sweet and innocent deserves to have a home where he can live a life of happiness.


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