Miracle Puppy Survived Brutal Stabbing Because Of Heroic Adopter

Smoke the pit bull puppy has a difficult past, but he doesn’t show it. His former human stabbed him at least seven times, injuring his windpipe and jugular vein. If Brad Chambers didn’t have such a good heart, Smoke wouldn’t have survived, writes Molly Weinfurter of iheartdogs.com.

Today, Smoke is one of the happiest and most affectionate dogs we have ever seen. She shows no signs of a traumatic past and all her wounds have healed. But none of this would have been possible without the help of her new favorite friend.

Chambers first met Smoke as a skinny dog crawling under his truck in Virginia. When he approached her, he realized she was bleeding. The poor dog was hiding safely from the man who had injured her. She had been stabbed several times and didn’t look like she would survive.

Fortunately, Chambers, a former police officer, knew exactly what to do. He had a trauma kit in his car that saved the puppy’s life. He then took her to a nearby veterinary clinic for further treatment. Her injuries were so severe that she had to be transported out of state to the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine for surgery.

,,She has fully recovered from all the operations, has a lot of energy and is very loyal.” says Chambers. Medical expenses after all the operations totaled at least $15,000. Chambers paid some of the money out of his own pocket, but managed to raise the rest through donations. That’s when he realized that Smoke needed to be part of his family.

Miracle Pit Bull Changes Lives Chambers adopted Smoke because he believes he can give her the loving home she deserves. She has already come out of his shell and shown her true personality in her presence. That’s why Chambers is looking forward to spending his life with this adorable pit bull.

,,She is one of the most loving dogs I know.” Chambers says. “She’s a dog that needs to find a place where everyone around her can enjoy her love, and I do love dogs.”

Because she is so loving, Smoke is training to become a certified therapy dog. With her charming and supportive nature, she can help those in need.

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