Michael Flatley’s final soul-stirring performance of Riverdance has moved millions of hearts

Have you ever watched a theatrical play? This experience is worth a shot if you are a fan of music, dancing, and acting.

And if you are looking for a play where dancing is the star, then you probably need to watch an Irish stage play where traditional dancing is celebrated and highlighted.

One of the most successful Irish stage production is Riverdance.


The theatrical play Riverdance has become one of the most popular dance creations worldwide. It is a play that features traditional Irish music and dance. Riverdance is loved by many, and one of the major reasons for its impeccable charm is the choreography created by Michael Flatley in the show’s first year.

Riverdance did not start as a complete stage play.

The production was originally an intermission routine and it was performed in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. It did not have a full script or detailed scenarios.

However, it was a number that made an impact because of the incredible traditional Irish dancing it showcased and emphasized. Eventually, because of its unique charm and potential to be a hit, this was transformed into a stage production.

The debut of Riverdance was a hit and it starred Irish dancing champions, Michael Flatley and Jean Butler.

With a beautiful stage play, only the best dancers and actors should be cast to make it more memorable and amazing. Riverdance was set to debut in 1995, and it needed the best dancers around to truly reflect the mastery needed for the play.

At the time, Irish dancing champions Michael Flatley and Jean Butler were chosen to lead the show. The first performance was run on February 9, 1995.

From then on, the production of this stage play has been to 450 different locations.

It is estimated that about 25 million viewers have witnessed the incredible play. However, there was one moment when a performance of the stage play was called “The Final Performance.”

While this was not the actual last time that the play will be performed, it was dubbed as such because it was the final play Michael Flatley was going to star in.

The flair and fancy brought about by Michael Flatley in Riverdance were loved by its viewers so much, but the cast and producers of the show were not on good terms. Michael’s stay in the production was cut short because of conflicts between him and the producers.

Creative differences arose and Michael Flatley had to leave the show just on its second run.

Riverdance was supposed to be performed in London on October 3, 1995. 21 hours before the curtains were opened, conflicts went too far between Michael and the producers and the dancer had to move out of the cast.

But, as they say in show business, the show must always go on. Michael danced on Riverdance for the last time that day.

It may be the last performance for Michael Flatley, but Riverdance grew and became even more famous throughout the years.

Michael may have left the play too early, but his impeccable performance in the London show is one incredible moment that you should watch.

See Michael Flatley’s final, soul-stirring performance in the video below.

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