Meet Rumeysa, the tallest woman in the world.

The tallest young woman in the world actually told her story here. The woman wants to use her position to raise awareness of her condition. This story is absolutely lovely.

The woman was born with a very uncommon genetic anomaly. The body swiftly expands as a result, usually restricting joint mobility and weakening bones. As a small child, the woman underwent surgery to help her walk for the first time.

The woman was described as the “tallest adolescent living in the world” at the age of 17. Due to her ongoing growth throughout the years, she just broke the record.

She usually uses a wheelchair to get about because of her height and condition.

She had held two height-related world titles, but this year she added three more. She now has the wide shoulders, long fingers, and long back of a live woman.

Because of her unfortunate absence from class, the woman finished her homework at home. She has always wanted a position in technology and works as a researcher. She likes spending time with her pet, swimming, shopping, and traveling.

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