Master orchid grower takes guesswork out of watering with a detailed tutorial

The garden holds an important role in the totality of a home because it’s like the introduction and reflection of a household.

For someone who truly knows the importance of a garden, they sure know how to take good care of their plants too.

When we say “take good care”, what we actually mean is the “proper” way of taking care of plants.

Plant care requirements vary.

The hot temperature, particularly during summer, hits differently, and it keeps on heating up each year.

It’s no big deal for succulents, but it is for plants that need to be outside where they get enough nutrients for them to grow healthy.

However, too much exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to most flower-bearing plants like orchids.

We need to be extra careful when the temperature outside is just too much.

Thankfully, this knowledgeable man and his YouTube channel called grandpa’s orchids is here to teach us how to properly water our beloved orchids.

His proof is in his blooms.

Using the social media’s ‘closed captions’ option, we’re able to follow through with this Ukrainian man’s detailed instructions.

Water orchids every 7-10 days.

That’s the man’s first tip, especially when the temperature is high.

Orchids love a breath of fresh air and enough sunlight, just remember not to put them under the direct hit of the sun.

He started his tutorial by pouring a full mug of water onto his orchid and adding orchid fertilizers.

He doubles down on watering.

After adding the fertilizers, he added another mug of water and let it sit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

This helps the orchid absorb all the nutrients and the soil to be completely moist.

Trim what’s dead, leave what’s living.

While waiting, he also made sure to remove all the dried leaves and cut all the dry flower stalks.

He also checked the roots and removed the dry ones.

This way, nutrients from the soil will be completely absorbed by the orchid.

He used the ‘double-pot technique’.

“The double-pot technique was introduced as a simple method for soil testing. The principle is that seedlings take up nutrients simultaneously from the soil to be investigated and from nutrient solutions of different compositions.”

After 20 minutes, he pulled out the inner pot and drained all its water straight into the outer pot.

He then poured the water back and just let it drain by itself, giving the orchid a final gulp of fresh and nutritious water.

Keep pots clean inside and out.

He also mentioned the importance of cleaning the outer part to avoid the formation of any type of bacteria that might cause harm to the plant.

After making sure that the outer pot was clean, he put the inner pot back inside to finish his tutorial.

Orchid-lovers were very appreciative.

His simple yet very informative “How to water an orchid” video has already amassed over 8.1 million views from people all over the globe.

In fact, one of his viewers didn’t shy away from sharing words of appreciation for the man in the video.

“I have never seen an orchid like that! Didn’t know that it is possible for them to bloom that rich! This is the first time I can understand what people find about these plants. With 2 or 3 flowers they look kind of boring but THIS is another level!
I’m sending you hope and prayers!”

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