Margot Robbie was spotted by photographers on the street wearing silk pajamas.

Both her talent and her feminine demeanor endear the movie diva to the public. Margot usually appears in photographers’ street photography and motivates fashionistas with her fresh looks. This time, she gave herself permission to relax following the high-profile Hollywood debut. Margot visited a close friend in Los Angeles.

The actress chose a relaxed look for the girl’s party. A cream-colored silk suit with a checkered pattern was worn by Brad Pitt’s co-star in the movie Babylon. The outfit, consisting of a button-down shirt and baggy pants, gave the impression of pajamas.

To finish the ensemble, Robbie added a pair of brown sandals. The celebrity carried a little braided purse over her shoulder. The actress from “Wolf of Wall Street” just pinned the front sections of her hair, letting the rest free-flowing. Margo had a medical mask over her face and thick glasses.

The actress got out of the car and walked over to her friends’ house. Robbie had shopping bags and a small ice cream carton in his hands.

The film diva was open about creating Babylon. The plot, according to the actor, kept her interest, but the reality of filming bewildered her. Margot was mortified when she had to perform an orgy scene.

The actress did contact Brad Pitt, though. The two-time Oscar nominee got the director to change the screenplay so she could kiss her partner.

At the film’s premiere, Robbie caused a stir. The actress made her red carpet debut in a short with a train and extreme cleavage.

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