Man wakes up from coma with new talents and skills that he never had before

Moe Hunter never had any artistic talent, by his own admission. Until he came out of a coma after his heart stopped following brain surgery.

Now, the husband and father of one, works as a self-employed artist making models.

Hunter fell into a coma after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis.


He was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England in 2004 where he had life-saving surgery to drain brain fluid from his head.

Hunter remained in his coma for a month.

He says that it was an extraordinarily scary time for his mother and family. He also had lost his memory before falling into a coma. He has no recollection of what occurred prior to 2004.


Hunter says his doctors still don’t know how he contracted tuberculosis. When Hunter explains what he had been through, he seems pretty baffled himself.

Doctors told Hunter that he was “a walking miracle” for recovering as quickly as he did.

In addition to his surprise recovery, Hunter eventually started exhibiting creative skills he never had before.


Since then Hunter has started his own carpentry and art business.

“After being given this second chance at life and new talent, I wanted to make the most of it so I went self-employed as a carpenter making toy boxes,” he said.


Hunter has built models inspired by TV and film that has sold his works at Comic-Con.

He also appeared on Keith Lemon’s “Fantastical Factory of Curious Crafts.”

Hunter also says he saw some “crazy” things while he was in his coma.


“They say people can’t dream in comas but I know what I saw in my coma, it was dream-like and really vivid,” Hunter explains.

He’s written a book about his experience being in a coma and what he saw.

The book is called “A Numb Conversation & The Place Between Two Sides.” Hunter also draws and is working on a screenplay. Neurologists had no explanations for his newfound talents.


They just told him to “enjoy it.”

“Nobody has given a medical explanation for it. I just know comas can do crazy things to a human brain. They just kind of said there are many stories and theories over the years and people have woken from comas with skills and even speak other languages,” Hunter said.


Hunter says since coming out of his coma, he found an incredible passion for art that he never experienced before.

Prior to that, he says he “wasn’t creative in the slightest” and any art he had done was “rubbish.”

He and his family were totally astonished by his new talents because he doesn’t know where they came from.


Despite not having answers, Hunter says that he considers himself to be very “lucky” to have this new trajectory in life.

He says he would never have believed “in a trillion years” that he’d be self-employed and doing what he is doing today.

Learn more about Hunter’s story in the video below.

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