Man records tube then films 80 adorable guinea pigs barreling out

Guinea pigs are popular pets because they possess many appealing qualities, such as being gentle and personable. These qualities make them great pets for children.

Guinea pigs weigh about one to three pounds and are typically eight to sixteen inches long.

They’re are also small, but not too small, making them a more visible and present part of any household.

Even if many people keep them as pets, it’s hard to imagine one family caring for dozens of guinea pigs.

Most people have one or two of them.

One family loves guinea pigs so much that eighty of them live in their barn!

Every day, this family’s guinea pigs exit the barn through a tube. The adorable sight of these cute animals rushing out of the tube is definitely something worth seeing.

The guinea pigs come in various colors, from white, tan, brown, black, and gray to a combination of all these colors.

Aside from the rush of guinea pigs, a few chickens leave the barn using the tube as well.

The guinea pigs and the random chickens following them also add to why this video is so fun to watch.

The family that owns these adorable animals makes it clear that they are their pets, not used for anything else.

In Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru, guinea pigs are a sustainable food source. The animals are either kept at home or allowed to scavenge freely outdoors.

Fortunately, these guinea pigs don’t have to worry about being eaten!

During the day, the guinea pigs accompany their owners in the garden.

You can see them grazing contentedly in the yard while the children are playing nearby.

Not only are they great company for their owners, but the guinea pigs also help maintain the garden, acting as natural lawnmowers.

Some guinea pigs wander off to far corners of the garden, walking as much as 100 yards.

After the whole day spent outside, the guinea pigs all return to their tunnel leading them to the barn.

You can see them waiting patiently for their turn to enter, sometimes even taking turns with the chickens, their barn-mates.

Inside the barn, the guinea pigs continue to eat fruit and hay. It’s worth noting that the chickens and the guinea pigs seem to get along well and live harmoniously with each other.

All the guinea pigs look healthy and happy and look like they are living their best lives.

This is what most viewers noticed about the guinea pigs in the video.

One netizen commented, “I must say, if there ever were guinea pigs living the good life, we’ve seen them right here. All the safety and comfort of having bipedal giants to shepherd them, combined with the freedom to roam. Very nice, folks.”

If you are considering having a few guinea pigs as pets, remember that they need time outside their cage everyday. Their cages should be cleaned weekly and spot-cleaned when necessary.

Guinea pigs may not be for everyone. However, this video is an excellent reminder of how cute they are and if you’re ready for a new pet, you might want to consider adopting a guinea pig.

Watch 80 adorable guinea pigs rush through a tube in the video below!

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