Man puts on his boogie shoes to cut loose in kitchen and gets millions of views

You’re never too old to boogie.

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from people, it’s the urge to dance the night away.

Whether you’re young with explosive and acrobatic moves or an older one with finesse and grace, age can never really stop us.

This is what a male fashion model did to flaunt his style.

And with his slick dance moves, people are sure to join in.


Ed Nava’s video starts with the blaring and rich sounds of brass.

Age is nothing but a number.

In this snapshot of his content, he shows us a glimpse of his attitude towards age – that he’s not too old to play and to be a fashion inspiration.

He tucked in a plain black shirt and accented it with gold accessories. To finish off the look, he hooked a leather jacket over his shoulder and slid on the floor with his black boogie shoes.

His vide has over two million views.

In YouTube alone, he received over 15,000 likes and 6,000 comments.

The old-timer’s performance and charm to the tune of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Boogie Shoes has been well-received by the people.

“You can tell he has been dancing all his life. He has style, grace, and confidence.” One commenter said, getting more than a thousand likes.

“I can just see him back in the ’70s just killin’ it John Travolta style!” another one said, with people agreeing under the comment.

Playing on his strengths.

Looking good and feeling good are Nava’s biggest strengths.

He currently works as a video and print model for the Wilhelmina Denver Modeling Agency. His looks ooze with a sophistication that’s sleek and presentable.

Timeless fashion

As a man of his age, he often wears what was considered to be elegant and classy back in the day and his fashion choices are still very much appreciated until now.

Like a fine wine

It’s also apparent in how he keeps his hair and how he styles his mustache.

Some of us could only wish to age as fine as Nava.

Besides the fashion and style and the dance moves, he also keeps up with the younger generation in different ways.

Not afraid to connect

He keeps an array of social media accounts to express himself and to connect with people.

He’s not afraid to look silly in front of the camera and would often show off his other moves, not only the boogie.

His aim is to teach men of his generation how to look and feel confident through style and manners. And he does so very well considering the number of views he got across all his videos.

As young as we feel

As our hair turns gray and our skin wrinkles a little bit under the sun, let’s not forget the things that make us infinitely young.

Style is just one part of the equation.

If we’re feeling the beat and we’re showing up at our best, those things are more than enough to keep us younger for longer.

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