Man plops down on one knee to ask fiancee’s daughter if she’ll be his girl

Combining two families, especially with young kids, can be a tough job.

The most important thing to remember is that there should always be respect between everyone involved.

One man showed his future step-daughter just how much she means to him in the most beautiful way.

After meeting and falling in love with a woman named Taylor Nally, one man decided her wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Taylor was not the only person in the equation though, she is a single mother of a 9-year-old daughter named Charlie.

The man planned out his proposal to Taylor and wanted to make the occasion extra special.

After popping the question to the single mother, Taylor happily said yes to her partner and was beaming as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

The proposal wasn’t just for Taylor though.

As soon as Charlie found out about her mothers engagement something beautiful happened.

The girl looked in awe at her mothers shiny new ring and said it was pretty before asking what had happened.

She turned to her future step-father and went to talk to him when he beckoned her over.

The man got down on one knee and pulled out a second ring.

He looked the 9-year-old directly in her eyes and, with excitement shining on his face, he asked the young girl if he could be her daddy.

“I’ve got a really important question to ask, ok?” he started, “You know your momma said yes?” he asked as the girl nodded.

“Well, will you be my daughter, and I’ll be your daddy?”

Charlie wasn’t able to say anything, instead she nodded her head and reached out for a hug, to overcome by emotions to talk.

The two shared a long hug as her future step-father told her that he promised to love her forever and to always take care of her.

The future family is sure to be a strong unit as long as the respect and love for each other remains as prominent as it is now.

There are many different types of families, and when it comes to combining two ready-made groups into one it can be a tough challenge.

There are lots of obstacle to overcome and things won’t always be smooth sailing, but by starting out on the right foot like these two are, their bond is starting out in the most amazing way.

During the next few months of wedding planning, Charlie is sure to be involved in that as well.

While the wedding day will revolve around the adults and the love they share, it is almost a certainty that Charlie will be a big part of that celebration as well.

Her future step-dad seems to know how important it is to include her and make sure she knows how loved and welcome she is.

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