Mama Duck Flies Into Maternity Ward And Delivers 10 Adorable Babies

The birth of adorable babies is a part of everyday life for staff in Baptist Medical Center Beaches’ labor and delivery center.But one recent set of deliveries there was unlike any other.One day, a few weeks back, a random duck appeared in the Florida facility’s central courtyard. The only access from outside is through the courtyard’s uncovered opening, so it’s believed the duck had flown in from above.

In time, though, it became clear why she’d chosen to settle in at that sheltered spot.It was there she built a nest and laid her eggs.While hospital staff looked on adoringly, the proud mother duck soon welcomed 10 precious ducklings into the world.Because they were essentially enclosed within the building, however, the baby ducks’ first challenge in life would be to navigate their way out into the wide world beyond.

And with the guidance of their mom, and some helpful hospital staffers, that’s exactly what they did.

The duck, it seems, had chosen the perfect place to start her family — the very spot countless human mothers have decided on, too.

“We’re still ‘quacking’ up over this sweet story — and the 10 unexpected births we had that day!” Beaches OBGYN wrote in a post. “Congrats, Mama!”

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