Mama Deer Knocks At Door Of Her Best Friend To Show Her New Babies

Meet Button the deer. When she needed help with her babies she went to get it from her oldest best friend.

Her best friend is the dog who’s name is G-Bro.

G-Bro and Buttons have been friends for over 11 years.

,,When we first rescued Buttons, we had a good friend who was breeding a doe and someone called them and said the mother deer had been hit by a car.” says G-Bro’s mom Lorrie. ,,They called us and we had learned how to raise a doe from a good friend. It took a lot of work, but our goal was to free them and at the same time make them part of the family. Buttons has become just that. She is a member of the family. One of those who keep us in touch.”

For 11 years she went to Lorrie and also to G-Bro.

,,I think it’s special for everyone to have a friend for all these years.” Lorrie said. ,,And I think they’re both very lucky to have each other.”

Since Buttons was part of the household, when she gave birth to their first child, it was a very big event. We were all thrilled when Buttons brought her babies to our pet dog for the first time.” says Lorrie. ,,We literally all screamed around the house from joy.”

But no one was as enthusiastic as G-Bro. He loved the little ones and didn’t hesitate to help look after them. He played with them, brushed them and showered them with love.

,,He’s so cute. He literally imitates another mom and says: ,,My friend is helping me.” It’s something very special and she brings it back every year. We know it’s a very special scenario, but it’s very special for both of us. I think both G-Bro and Buttons are a sign of a common family.

While G-Bro was brushing the children, Button looked at G-Bro. Being cleaned by Button is one of G-Bro’s favorite activities.

This is also one of Button’s favorite activities. Buttons regularly comes home to visit G-Bro. ,,Buttons comes to the door and you know she wants to see her partner. And when we’re not on time, she knocks on the door.” Lorrie explains. Sometimes Buttons doesn’t even wait for someone to greet her, she just walks up to him. But that’s what family members do. When Buttons calls G-Bro, they like to do their favorite activity together.

They love being together outdoors, especially when they can go for a walk. ,,They just like to have fun. They like to play in the snow. They take good care of each other, they love each other and they will always take good care of each other to keep each other happy.” Lorrie concludes.

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