Lucy Liew doesn’t age: fresh images and the “Charlie’s Angels” star’s beauty tips

The actress looks significantly younger than her real age, which is 53 as of December last year. The delightful Lucy’s life and beauty secrets are joyfully retold on the channel Celebrities.

The Young Lucy Liu’s Secrets

The well-known individual emphasized to reporters that she tries to establish harmony between the body and mind. She is able to do this because to her regular meditation practice, intense physical activity, and upbeat attitude.

The media personality, who also serves as Rockwell’s surrogate mother and is the mother of his 6-year-old kid, invests a lot of time in looking after her health in order to raise her son and help him transition to maturity.

She said, “I started eating the same thing to be in sync with him because I prepare a lot of dishes for my kid that have cheese and eggs. In addition, my acupuncturist advised me to incorporate those items once more into my diet.

The actor typically recalls her Asian ancestry (her parents are immigrants from Taiwan, and she herself until the age of five spoke only Chinese). For this reason, the Hollywood star nevertheless adheres to the fundamental principles of Eastern philosophy and medicine.

Lew frequently goes to the doctor to have his muscles examined because he thinks acupuncture is useful. It is a different approach that uses testing to identify problems with how the body works. With the aid of daily transcendental meditation, she keeps a strong will and great mental faculties.

The television celebrity has recently cut back on her creative activities and is spending more time with her kid at home in New York. They share meals, read books, do art, and even take music lessons together.

Liu recently made an appearance on the cover of a glam publication to show that good looks are not just reserved for those in their 20s. She is certain that the secret to having an appealing appearance is unshakeable self-confidence.

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