Lovely Footage Showing Majestic Lion Crouches Down To Meet His Cub For The First Time

Normally, a lion does not feel very good about its newborn offspring. But the male in the charming video below is eager to see his cub for the first time. The adorable video was recorded at the Denver Zoo. After sharing it on Facebook, causing the entire network to melt, writes daily-cuteness.

The cub, who weighs 12 kilos, was born on 31 July at the zoo and since then has spent time only with his mother. So the zoo staff decided it was time for the newborn to meet its family. And the moment he finally met his father of two years was shown on the internet. Conforming to the Denver Zoo, the lion cub will soon be ready to make his first public appearance.

,,The last few months he was with his mother, father and step-sister. After being backstage at the Denver Zoo lion facility he will soon be in one of the outdoor facilities,” Jake Kubié, communications manager at the Denver Zoo, reported Bored Panda. ,,He’s everything you’d expect from a cub. He is playful, curious and full of energy!” Denver residents know Neliah and Tobias, the cub’s parents, but it has yet to be given a name.

So the zoo is asking fans to help come up with a name for him. According to Bored Panda, the names available are Meru, that’s the name of a mountain in Tanzania. Another option is Moremi, the name of a nature reserve in Botswana. Or Tatu, the Swahili word for the number three because the lion cub is the lioness’s third child. The zoo invites everyone to vote and donate $1 to the three finalists.

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