Lost Pit Bull Waited Years For Her Family To Pick Her Up From The Shelter, But They Never Came

Lindsy was a stray Pit Bull mix who was picked up by animal control officers in May 2016 while she was wandering the streets of New York.

Her owners called Babylon Animal Shelter a few days later and promised to take the dog ASAP. But after so many years they never came to pick her up.

Lindsy was an 8-year-old dog and she didn’t wait for someone to come and pick her up. Dogs at her age want only their owners with whom they have been living for so many years.

Kristin Siarkowicz, an animal control officer at Babylon Animal Shelter, described Lindsy as a dog with a great personality. The staff of the shelter still hopes that Lindsy will find her forever home as she is a very bright and energetic dog.

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