“Lost its former shape.” The paparazzi filmed the plump Diaz on a walk with her daughter

Despite being close to 50, Cameron Diaz still looks fantastic, and her fans adore her for it! It is admirable that she has remained true to herself throughout the years despite the pressures of plastic surgery. Her admirers are aware of this and regard her much more as a result.

The 48-year-old diva Cameron has decided to accept her natural aging. Recently, she was seen with her daughter by photographers, and it seems that she is no longer attempting to hide the identity of her child.

Cameron is no longer the energetic and vivacious place it once was. I think Diaz has gained a little weight. She used to be so lovely, but alas, Father Time is marching on.

It is unfortunate that a young, attractive woman has chosen to become a mother while launching her own life and career, said online users.

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