Liv celebrated her birthday with A biкini pic that shows off her megatoned butt

Liv shared a bikini photo of herself on her birthday to display her megatoned butt.

She enjoys taking spin classes and the Tracy Anderson Method for exercise.

Cheers to Olivia Wilde turning 30! The Don’t Worry Darling director and actress celebrated her 39th birthday by posting a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit beside a friend.

Of course, Olivia did it in typical form and showed off her lean legs and bottom. She had a tattoo on her bottom that she called a “tramp stamp,” which was equally noticeable.

“I’m 39 years old, and I’m in good health.” I appreciate the birthday greetings. It’s been great, and I’ve been milking it for far too long. Salutations to whatever follows that. The future? Not another tramp stamp, most likely. “#shameless #howdareshe #thehorror,” she captioned the photo.

Obviously, a lot of people looked at Olivia’s birthday post. Tracy Anderson, the trainer, exclaimed, “I’d put a TA on that cute booty!” 39 is a wonderful age! It’s going to be a terrific year!,” Megalyn Echikunwoke, an actress, wrote, “The nerve!”

One of Olivia’s favorite workouts is the Tracy Anderson Method, which combines dance and weight training. She was observed leaving the trainer’s Los Angeles facility on two separate occasions earlier this month, and she was previously spotted there in 2017.

She also enjoys spin classes, telling Women’s Health, “I make fun of it, but it’s amazing, because you have to push yourself through this resistance, which is so therapeutic.”

And you can bet Olivia is taking her preparation for her upcoming movie roles seriously. To E! News, Olivia provided further information regarding her workout routine for her movie A Vigilante.

“I think having something helps,” said the character I play, who is rather tough and has a clear objective. You won’t be able to carry out your duties as well as you would like if you don’t push yourself. So having that particular item is advantageous,” she said.

Every day, Olivia enjoys taking long walks to increase her physical exercise. She admitted to CNBC that she must walk a lot to get around New York City.

Compared to most people in other cities, we already walk more.

“I’ll take the stairs,” she said. “Almost always, there is a way to [be active].” Take a walk rather than staying in your home to take a call or hold a phone meeting. You may live a more active lifestyle.

Olivia chooses to eat as healthily as she can frequently while avoiding processed foods. “I believe that anyone who has ever had even a brief period in their life where they clean up their act—first beginning to eat healthy food, exercise, and use natural products—will always say… I feel my best.” However, it could occasionally be challenging to maintain such way of life.

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