Lioness Saves and Adopts An Injured Fox From Being Eaten By Hungry Lion

In the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana something uncommon happened.

Photographer Graham Dyer has created a series of images showing the interaction and behavior of wild animals of the same and different species in a new light.

The pictures show a pride of lions on a routine hunt. The herd stops when a lioness spots a wounded fox cub lying in the middle of a dirt road. The fox is in bad shape with a bruised back and injured hind legs. He desperately pleads with the strong lioness for help. In a strange way, the lioness’s maternal instinct kicks in and she decides to spare the little fox, who cannot defend himself. She stands by the helpless fox and orders her cubs not to disturb her. But this decision is not welcomed by the other members of the pack.

Soon the wild lion confronts the lioness because of this unusual behavior. He does not understand why he is protecting his easy prey. But the kindly lioness promised to give the fox cub protection at all costs, Regardless even if she had to fight with her own family.

The lion will eventually give in to the demands of the left and leave the fox alone. After a while, the fox tries to get up and starts approaching his home. It says goodbye to its surrogate mother and disappears into the desert. We are completely amazed by this extraordinary act of the merciful lioness!

Watch the video below to see how a generous lioness supported and protected an injured fox cub against all odds!

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