Kitten with special needs was rejected by his own mom gets second shot at life

It’s downright heartbreaking seeing homeless animals scraping for dirty food and getting sick because of their unsafe environment. What’s even more saddening about animal homelessness is that some of these poor creatures need extra care because of their medical condition.


Thankfully, a Los Angeles, California-based rescue group called ‘Baby Kitten Rescue’ is giving stray felines with special needs a safe place they can call home. Their animal rescue group specializes in neonatal, critical care, and special needs kitten.

They are the second chance of neglected kittens who need extra care.


One day, a concerned citizen reached out to their Instagram account and reported two stray kittens. They tried waiting for their mom, hoping she would come back for her kittens, but they ended up empty-handed.

Both kittens whom they named Otter and Bunny, were missing the majority of their front arms. The baby felines were just approximately two weeks old when they were found and they still needed to nurse.


When Otter and Bunny were rescued, they were obviously not in good shape. Both kittens had upper respiratory infections, stomach issues, and fleas.

They got better each day, however, Otter’s case was different.

The poor kitten had a hole in his skull and out of that hole was a part of his brain coming out. With his rare condition, Otter was at a higher risk of getting an infection and brain injury.


They took to their social media account and asked their followers what could possibly be done to Otter’s condition. Thankfully, one of their followers offered to make a special helmet that would perfectly fit Otter.

From the countless helmet models, they managed to pick the one that was best for him. Since then, Otter had been wearing the same helmet pretty much all the time to avoid injuring his head. Turns out, he also loved it because he had never shown any sign of discomfort while wearing it.

Otter is just one happy cat.


Despite his condition, he was never in pain each time they needed to remove his helmet and clean his head. He didn’t have any problems with balance or seizures which his rescuer considers a miracle given the issue on his head.

Despite missing an arm and a hole in his head, Otter still continued to wow everyone around him with his charm and positive attitude. He’s still that sweet feline who loves to goof around and play with his carers and Bunny.


The two rescued kittens have been inseparable since the day they were rescued and they just love to hang out with each other. Otter and Bunny’s relationship is just like any other friendship, they fight and annoy each other, but still, seal each day with their genuine love.

A life without arms is still a life worth living.


That’s what these kittens taught everyone, especially Bunny who is missing most parts of her front arms. Over time, she’s eventually learned how to balance herself while walking or running. She loves her life and there’s no stopping her from being a playful kitten.

Otter, on the other hand, needed surgery because his helmet wouldn’t save him forever from infections and complications. Thankfully, they found an amazing neurosurgeon in LA, and just recently, he underwent a major brain and skull surgery.


With the help of everyone, Otter is now helmet-free!

Soon, Otter and Bunny will be put up for adoption. It’s bitter-sweet, but they know that both felines will be in a much better place with their soon-to-be forever family.

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