Kelly Clarkson and The Rock team up for sweet duet and the fans are going wild

We’ve known Kelly Clarkson since she bagged the title of the very first American Idol in 2002.


She charmed the world with her incredible vocals and high notes.

She is a star and has been an inspiration to many since she won and made a name for herself.

In recent years, the multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and author has become busy with being the host of her own talk show.

She is known for her energetic conversations, casual talks about life, and of course, amazing vocal collaborations with some of her guests.


In an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly invited no other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Anybody who has seen Disney’s “Moana” would know that The Rock is not only a good actor, a legendary wrestler, and a fun TV personality.

He is also an outstanding singer.


His character “Maui” had a lot of songs performed in the said movie, and The Rock sang all of them.

His voice is amazing and he deserves to be heard some more.

Fans all over the world were thrilled to find out that Dwayne Johnson will be visiting the Kelly Clarkson Show.

With him in the program, everyone expected him and Kelly to sing a song together, and they were right to anticipate that.

In the said episode, The Rock and Kelly Clarkson stood onstage to perform with each other.


The two artists paid tribute to honky-tonk superstar Loretta Lynn.

The star passed away recently at the age of 90.

As a way to honor the late Loretta Lynn, both singers performed her country song from the 1960s about not allowing drunken sex entitled “Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’.”

Hearing Kelly and Dwayne in a duet is quite epic.

Their voices were perfect for the song, and they gave a fresh take on the country song.

Who knew these two could pull off such an incredible song number, right?

People would never have guessed that Dwayne can hold a tune like that.

He was definitely a singer, and we are glad to finally hear him sing with no other than a renowned diva such as Kelly Clarkson.

Seeing them together onstage is definitely a moment to remember.

Kelly may have hit the high notes, but Dwayne matched her talent with his own.

His vocals were a perfect compliment to Kelly’s voice as they sing the iconic song from the 1960s.

Their duet was sweet and very comforting, the kind of music any country music fan would totally love to hear.

In a virtual interview with Dwayne in the past, Kelly found out that Dwayne used to have his own ambitions of making it big in the country music industry.

This is what prompted the talk show host to invite him to sing Loretta’s song with him onstage.

Fans were given such a treat when Dwayne decided to accept the invitation to sing with Kelly. Wow!

Check out the duo’s sweet performance in the video below.

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