“Just amazing and no vulgarity.” Halle Berry, 56, filmed nude in the shower

Even young girls could find the actor from the movie “Abduction” attractive. The Oscar winner exercises frequently and abstains from overindulging in fine cuisine.

Holly made the decision to take a naked photo this time. Before trying a risky photo session, the actress took a shower. Holly didn’t undress or cover herself with a towel; she only softly covered her hands.

The censor was a water-vapor-filled, fogged-up mirror. The Hollywood starlet’s athletic physique was still visibly apparent, though. “A day in the middle of the week — a day of self-love,” said Holly coquettishly.

Fans of the actress praised both her bravery and her appearance. “Just amazing, so mesmerizing, and no vulgarity”, “Very atmospheric photo”, and “Holly – just wonderful! When smartphone photography become truly artistic,” bloggers wrote.

Halle Berry detests stripping off for the camera. The actress once agreed to strip off for 10 seconds in the picture in exchange for just $500,000.

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