Jude Law’s daughter appeared on the red carpet wearing a skimpy outfit—a leather bra.

The ambitious model has an extremely weak body. Iris wears the riskiest clothing since even the most exposed outfits flatter her flawless form. The famous heiress chose the most provocative appearance this time.

Iris wore a gray pencil skirt with a beautiful neck closure and a black leather top. Black ankle boots were used by the model to complete her outfit. She accessorized with simple flower-shaped silver earrings.

The actress’s kid emphasized naturalness with her makeup and put her hair back in a messy updo. Iris dramatically enhanced her aesthetic look by shaving some of her brows.

Bloggers hailed the daughter of the Hollywood celebrity for wearing a skimpy outfit. I want to feed her despite having nothing to say about how beautiful she is. Brave, but thank you for wearing a bra at all! Wearing a bra on the red carpet! – Talk to someone on the Network.

Iris Lowe wants to become a model. The daughter has ended up in the modeling business despite her repeated promises that she does not want to follow in her parents’ footsteps.


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