Jogger Finds Severly Injured Dog Who Drags Herself Over To Her

Find out how this poor soul coped with all the challenges and read this touching update!

Lilac was struggling to survive with a broken jaw and an injured paw when a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia, found her curled up under a car. Other dogs and unidentified people violently attacked the dog. But when the Good Samaritan approached, she crawled out to greet them. It was as if she knew she had survived.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs from New York took her to the clinic where she quickly received emergency treatment. Further veterinary examinations revealed that Lilac not only had a severely injured leg and a broken jaw, but also suffered abdominal trauma from a bullet lodged inside her!

Despite her injuries, Lilac wagged her tail whenever anyone paid attention to her.

Amazingly, Lilac survived all the bad days.

,,Where there is a will, there is a way. This cuteness rescue has something special, she is so sweet and beautiful.” says Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

,,She is the kind of dog that you have to take a deep breath, sit down and accept your bond with mutual openness. She lived a life of pain and horror, but she still wants to love, give and connect.”

The vets couldn’t save her legs, but they worked wonders to heal the rest of her. Lilac has only three legs left, but she is on the road to recovery.

Thanks to all the love and attention Lilac is doing great!

,,She had to fight for a long time to get to where she is today. She may have lost a leg but she has a family as big as the universe.” her rescuers add. ,,She is showered with love in the hospital and around the world!

We are deeply touched by the immense love and support shown to Lilac.

You can look at her full story in the video below!

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