Jenna Ortega, star of “Wednesday”, acquired a popular haircut in 2023.

On the well-liked Netflix comedy “Wendy’s,” Wendy’s, played by actress Jenna Ortega, had a makeover. Instead of long, straight hair, she opted for an elongated sheggie bob, a style that was extremely in vogue a few seasons ago and will be back in popularity in 2023.

On The Jimmy Fallon Show, Jenna Ortega made an appearance with a new hairdo and a stunning glam goth attire that included a transparent black dress with a white collar and thick black arrows.

In contrast to a rigid, flat cut, an extended cheggie bob with layers and texture features soft curls. Flat haircuts look stunning, but they require constant maintenance to highlight the geometric lines. Unless the hair is completely straight. It also requires ongoing adjustments.

An alternative variation is the stacked cheggie bob. It is perfect for both straight and wavy hair because of its structure and volume. This is the finest choice for lightening thick hair. same, for those who choose to shun style.

You may alter the length of a bob’s strands to conceal cheeks, accentuate cheekbones, or draw attention to the eyes and lips. As a consequence, the hair grows out more gradually, requiring less maintenance and a longer-lasting hairdo.

Let’s examine these examples of contemporary layered cheggie bob hairstyles.

Some have layers carved into the bottom. Others have their bottom layers flattened and their upper layers trimmed to varied lengths.

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