Jenn spent the holiday season in a bikini. The year will be easier the less clothing you wear.

Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous beach attire hasn’t changed in a year. The Friends actress shunned red carpet style in favor of stunning swimwear, which she displayed on Instagram Stories.

Fans almost missed the clip in which Jennifer got a sneak peak at her toned body.

The actress raised her hand to the camera while wearing a black two-piece and looked stunning. The Morning Show star draped a sarong over her waist and wore her hair in its natural curls.

Her video seems to have been recorded when she was on vacation over the holiday season.

On her yearly Christmas vacation, Jennifer flew to Mexico with pals including Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman.

When they arrived back in Los Angeles, where they all reside, they were all seen bidding one another farewell.

For Jennifer, who experienced heartache at the end of 2022 when her father, John Aniston, passed away, it will be a much-needed vacation.

John, an Emmy-winning actor, passed away at the age of 89 on November 11, but Jennifer didn’t inform anybody until November 14.

Jennifer presented a poignant remembrance of her father at the moment, coupled with a collection of pictures of the two of them over the years. She included both contemporary photos and a black-and-white image of John holding her when she was a newborn.

Since the homage, Jennifer has not discussed her father’s demise in public, but Christmas undoubtedly brought up many bittersweet memories for the celebrity.

Although they had their disagreements over the years, they had recently grown closer once more. According to Jennifer, she contacted him every day at the height of the pandemic.

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